The Super-8 Dreams of Saul Levine

Nov. 12 + 13 - 7:30 pm
$7 Suggested donation
Artist in Attendance
Yale Union (YU)
800 SE 10th Ave.

About This Screening

Saul Levine has been making films for over 35 years, most of them in the small-guage formats of 8mm and Super8mm. His films record the extraordinary in the ordinary, making timeless images from daily events. His parents become your parents, a couple walking on the beach could be any couple, from any time. The intensive editing process provides a rhythm that gives even the silent films a sense of sound, while the sound films become masterpieces of noise and light. In Notes of an Early Fall, a melted record skips on the turntable providing the beat for a jumble of shots that in the end finds unity. Splice tape is a texture on the film landscape, lengthening and defining the time between shots, many of which are single frames. The Notes series celebrates the breathtaking beauty of daily life: children playing in the snow, romance in the afternoon light, a joke told in Hebrew, smoke curling in front of an open window. Note to Colleen cuts so quickly between the faces of people having their portraits drawn on the street and the portrait being drawn that the two become indistinguishable. His Light Licks series is a more formal tampering with the film frame and the relationship between space and image, light and darkness. Over two nights, Cinema Project shows a broad sweep of Levine’s work, from the 1960s to current films, to highlight his important and ongoing contributions to the American avant-garde. Saul will also appear at the Northwest Film Center School of Film on Sunday, November 11th. For more information, check please visit

Program Details

November 12
  • Notes of an early fall
    1976, S8mm, 18fps, color, sound, 33 min.
  • Near Site
    1977, S8mm blown up to 16mm, 1.75 min.
  • Shmateh III
    1984, S8mm blown up to 16mm, 18fps, 2 min.
  • As is was
    1992 - 1993, S8mm blown up to 16mm, 18fps, 5 min.
  • Is as Is
    1991, S8mm blown up to 16mm, 18fps, 2 min.
  • As is is
    1991, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 4 min.
  • Crescent
    1993, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 5 min.
  • Note to Pati
    1969, 16mm, 18fps, 8 min.
  • Not to Poli
    1982 - 1983, S8mm blown up to 16mm, 2.5 min.
  • Note to Colleen
    1974, 8mm blown up to 16mm, 3.5 min.
  • Notes after a Long Silence
    1984 - 1989, S8mm, sound, 16 min.
November 13
  • Light Licks: Daily Camera
    2011, 16mm, 8.5 min.
  • Light Licks: this may be the last time
    2011, 16mm
  • Whole Note
    1999 - 2000, 16mm, 10 min.
  • All that's solid
    2000, S8mm, 3 min.
  • Melts into air
    2000, S8mm, 3 min.
  • Bopping the Great Wall of China Blue
    1974 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 5 min.
  • Groove to Groove
    1979 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 13 min.
  • A Brennen Soll Columbus Medina
    1979 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 13 min.
  • Z (zee not zed)
    1992 - 1993, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 4 min.
  • Big Stick
    1967- 1973, 8mm blown up to 16mm, b&w, 17 min.
  • Submission by Saul Levi and Mark Lapore
    1989, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 5 min.

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