Fall 2012

About the Season

Cinema Project, year nine: It’s hard to believe, but this time next year we celebrate our ten-year anniversary. That’s a lot of history, films, artists, and screenings to consider. For now, we keep plugging away at what we do best—curating experimental and critical film and video in Portland, Oregon. And so the season begins. For fall 2012 and spring 2013, Cinema Project is artist-in-residence at Yale Union (YU). Beyond connecting with some amazing and insightful people, we’ll have a dedicated black-box cinema, room to spread out with ideas, and time to continue post-screening discussions into the night. Our season gets off to an intense start with classical-sculpture-as-film-installation for PICA’s Time-Based Art Festival and for our inaugural screening at YU, a weekend of modern dance from Merce Cunningham and Charles Atlas in a recently restored HD projection. Our visiting artists this season are practitioners of small-gauge film. French filmmaker Rose Lowder joins us in October and Saul Levine will be here in November. If we could have any artist with us in spirit, it would be Chris Marker, whose recent passing gives us pause on the meaning and possibilities of cinema. In tribute, we have two of his works from the late 1960s. Fall does not end quietly though, as we close out the season with a heavy documentary on a controversial psychiatrist and a two-night exploration of the relationships between experimental sound, image, and language in cinema. 
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