Expanded Frames: Todd Haynes As Avant-Garde Filmmaker

Expanded Frames Opening Night Event

Co-presented with the Northwest Film Center

Oct. 15 - 8:00 pm
Northwest Film Center
Whitsell Auditorium
1219 SW Park Ave

About This Screening

A Live Interview with Scott MacDonald interspersed with clips from Haynes’ rarely screened early films: Poison, Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, and Dottie Got Spanked. Todd Haynes’ remarkable body of films—Poison, Safe, Far From Heaven and I'm Not There— have earned him unique regard as one of contemporary cinema’s most eloquent voices. Beginning with his earliest shorts he has been a filmmaker who defies the boundaries of form, content and social expectations to craft a singularly personal cinema. Tonight we welcome Haynes and film writer, professor, and curator Scott MacDonald for this live interview, exploring the evolution of Haynes’ work.

Program Details

Wednesday October 15
  • Poison
    1991, 35mm, 85 min.
  • Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Sotry
    1987, 35mm, 43 min.
  • Dottie Got Spanked
    1993, 35mm, 30 min.

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