Expanded Frames: Out of the Archives: Preserving Great Moments in Cinema History

Expanded Frames Day Four

Oct. 19 - 12:00 am

About This Screening

12-2pm - Portland Arts Now

As Portland’s growth forces change, what issues would artists and organizations like to see addressed? How are artists, non-profits, and the City operating and planning for the future?
A discussion panel moderated by Matthew Stadler featuring: Sam Gould/Red 76, Jonathon Sielaff/Creative Music Guild, Curtis Knapp/Marriage Records, Eloise Damrosch/RACC, Marc Moscato/Filmmaker, MK Guth/PNCA, Gretchen Hogue/PDX Film Fest. Brown bag lunch. FREE
2:30pm - Archiving and Access to Women's Contributions to Cinema:
The Women’s Film Preservation Fund
Artist and WFPF committee member Ina Archer speaks with curator Irina Leimbacher about the significance of public access and screenings in promoting the restoration and preservation of films in which women had a significant role.
3:30pm - Afternoon Tea & Social
Join us for an informal gathering with silent era trick and curiosity films and live music by Wallsmith, Sielaff, Jones, and DuRoche quartet. Bring the whole family. FREE
5pm - The Films of Joseph Cornell - Infinite Affinities: Film and Collage
Programmed and introduced by Jeanne Liotta with special thanks to Anthology Film Archives.
These film assemblages from the late 1930’s demonstrate the associative continuity of Cornell’s art practice across media. Theme, variation, surprise, hilarity, and deep obsession.
Rose Hobart [1936, 16mm, color, sound, 17m]
Cotillion [1940s, 16mm, b&w/color tint/si, 8m]
The Midnight Party [1940s, 16mm, b&w/color tint/si, 3m]
The Children's Party [1940s, 16mm, b&w/color tint/si, 8m]
By Night with Torch and Spear [1940’s. 16mm, color tint/si, 8m]
Bookstalls [1940’s, 16mm, color tint/si, 11m] “Poetic and formally revolutionary, Cornell’s cinematic masterpiece disabled cause and effect, enshrined actress Rose Hobart, mourned the death of the solar system, enraged Salvador Dali, and launched a thousand found footage films decades later.” – Mark McElhatten
7pm - Only Time Tells… Preserved and Unpreserved Films From Anthology Film Archives
Programmed and contextualized by archivist Andrew Lampert.
Since 1970, New York City’s Anthology Film Archives has devoted itself to preserving, promoting and presenting experimental, avant-garde and independent cinema. Home to two theaters, a massive research library and more than 20,000 films, Anthology preserves around 25 movies each year by both world-renowned and obscure artists, auteurs and amateurs. Like most archives, Anthology holds more films in its collection than it can ever possibly rescue from extinction. What factors determine why a particular film is preserved and how does the act of preserving a movie alter or affect our notion of film history? By conserving and celebrating certain works are we somehow neglecting other films and filmmakers who are equally as worthy of being saved? Tonight we will have Archivist Andrew Lampert on hand to juggle these problems and act as our tour guide through an eclectic, eccentric mix of preserved films from Anthology’s cold vault and unpreserved reels from their world-renowned basement. This show promises to make you question what’s worth keeping and vice versa. Films to be screened include: PLEASE STAND BY, TRANSIT by Greg Sharits, FUCKED UP FOOD, BILATERAL APPROXIMATION, THIRD EYE BUTTERFLY by Storm De Hirsch, R.F.F., STUDENT FILM TRILOGY, SUBWAYS And many more….
9:30pm - The Films of Joseph Cornell - New York, The Wonder City
Programmed and introduced by Jeanne Liotta with special thanks to Anthology Film Archives.
Fantasies and facts mingle in these lyrical documents from the 1950’s, attempts to capture fleeting spirits of a particular time and place, made in collaboration with cinematographers Stan Brakhage and Rudy Burckhardt.
GniR RednoW [1955-196?, 16mm, color/silent, 6 m]
Centuries of June [1955-196?, 16mm, color/si, 11m]
Aviary [1955, 16mm, b&w, silent, 11m]
Boys Games [1957, 16mm, color, si, 5m]
Mulberry Street [1957-65, 16mm, b&w, si, 9m]
Nymphlight [1957, 16mm, color, 7m]
Angel [1957, 16mm, color, 3m] " ...a buoyant feeling aroused by buildings in their quiet uptown setting. An abstract feeling of geography and voyaging I have thought about before …” – Joseph Cornell, from his diaries, cited in Theatre of the Mind, ed Mary Ann Caws

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