Pine Flat—Sharon Lockhart

May. 22 + 23 - 7:30 pm
$6 Suggested Donation
New American Art Union
922 SE Ankeny St

About This Screening

Sharon Lockhart is internationally recognized for films and photographs that frame quiet moments of everyday life.  Pine Flat focuses on the landscape and children of a small community of three hundred in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California. Over a period of three years, Lockhart made numerous extended visits to this community and slowly immersed herself in the people and the place. The film portrays the town’s children as they engage in activities such as playing, reading, hanging out, and hunting in stunningly beautiful natural settings. Sometimes Lockhart directed the children, and at other times they improvised, but there is throughout the film an ease of interaction and an intimacy that the artist achieved in part by simplifying her process: she eliminated her customary film crew, learned to use a movie camera herself, and employed a composer friend as sound technician. This created a space in which the dividing line between artist and subject was softened and interpersonal exchanges were illuminated in new ways. —Harvard Film Archives

Program Details

May 22 + 23
  • Pine Flat
    2005, 16mm, color, sound, 135 min.

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