"Circle in The Sand" and Other Recent Work by Michael Robinson

Mar. 7 - 7:30 pm
$7 Suggested Donation
Artist in Attendace
800 SE 10th Ave

About This Screening

In the near future, amidst the aftermath of civil war, a band of female prisoners ambles across an otherworldly coastal exile, supervised and sorted by a group of idle soldiers. Rummaging, stuttering, and smashing through the leftovers of American culture, these ragged souls conjure an unstable magic, fueled by their own apathy and the poisonous histories imbedded in their unearthed junk. Suspicion, boredom, garbage, and glamour conspire in the languid pageantry of ruin. Feel the breeze in your hair, and world crumbling through your fingers. —Michael Robinson Cinema Project is happy to bring back one of our favorite filmmakers with his newest work, Circle in the Sand. Michael Robinson’s gift has always been finding the exact place where personal nostalgia meets collective pop culture, and then exploding that place and transforming it into high art. This new longer narrative work begins with a beauti- ful and intriguing shot of a shimmering curtain, leading out into a strange future where handsome guards pile recognizable debris and beautiful prisoners unearth remnants of artifice: fake fingernails piled on the sand, a boombox playing Counting Crows. Stunning nature shots provide the background to this journey to the future. Paired with this newest work will be two other recent videos, These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us from 2010 and Line Describing Your Mom from 2011, for this one-night only program. Mr. Robinson will also be presenting work at Reed Arts Week (RAW) which will take place on the Reed College campus from March 6th to March 10th. Although this is not an official program of Reed Arts Week, Cinema Project wishes to thank RAW for making Mr. Robinson's visit possible. For more information about RAW please visit: http://web.reed.edu/raw/2013/index.html.

Program Details

March 7
  • These Hammers Don't Hurt Us
    2010, digital video, color, sound, 13 min.
  • Line Describing Your Mom
    by Michael Robinson
    2011, digital video, color, sound, 6 min.
  • Circle in The Sand
    by Michael Robinson
    2012, Super 16mm transferred to HD, color, sound, 47 min.

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