Short Cuts V: Resilient Structures

Asian Film & Video at PIFF!

co-presented with the NorthWest Film Center

Feb. 25 - 12:00 am
Northwest Film Center
Whitsel Auditorium
1219 SW PARK

About This Screening

For the 2010 Portland International Film Festival Cinema Project brings a selection of contemporary film and video from Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Focusing on natural and man-made structures and the spaces in-between, each of these works reveals a variety of dynamic relations from frame to space and from history to environment. Daichi Saito’s entirely hand-processed film Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axisexamines the natural language of a familiar Canadian landscape while Chris Chong Chan Fui’s modernist exchange on public and private space in Block B presents a surprisingly telling view of an apartment block in Kuala Lumpur. From Tomonari Nishikawa is Lumphini 2552, black-and-white images of plants and trees shot using a 35mm still camera at Bangkok’s Lumphini Park. The result is a surprisingly emotional construction of rhythm and movement. And from Shiho Kano's Shinonome Omogo Ishizuchiis a transcendental travelogue inspired by filmmaker Mansaku Itami. Finally, Taiwanese filmmaker Chen Chieh-Jen’s Empire's Borders I examines the process that Taiwanese citizens endure when applying for a United States visa.  For more information about PIFF, visit

Program Details

Thursday February 25th
  • Lumphini 2552 by Tomonari Nishikawa
  • Shinonome Omogo Ishizuchi by Shiho Kano
  • Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis by Daïchi Saïto
  • Block B by Chris Chong Chan-Fui
  • Empire's Borders I by Chen Chieh-Jen

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