Screaming City: West Berlin 1980s

Beyond Borders Program VIII: Germany

Supported in part by a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Apr. 20 + 21 - 12:00 am
$7 Suggested Donation
Cinema Project @ Clinton Street Theater

About This Screening

In the decade before the fall of the Berlin Wall, a vast number of films were produced in and about West Berlin, dealing with the ambivalent realities of the enclosed city. No longer was it about devoting oneself to the World Revolution, but rather about implementing alternative life-styles, which gave rise to social resistance, strident underground cultures, and sexual border-crossing. For many young filmmakers, the super-8 medium facilitated the production of low cost and truly independent films. The technical limitations tended to embody a strong means of spontaneity and purposeful dilettantism, while being easily distributed and shown in underground cinemas, clubs, and cafes. Curator Stefanie Schulte-Strathaus of Berlin’s Arsenal brings with her to Portland a selection of experimental films from this dynamic and complex period of our recent past.

Program Details

Tuesday April 20th
  • Normalzustand by Yana Yo
  • Musterhaft–das Ende, ein Intermezzo by Michael Brynntrup
  • Darum oder was erwartest Du? by Jürgen Baldiga
  • Persona Non Grata by Christoph Doering
  • a-b-city by Brigitte Bühler & Dieter Hormel
  • Cycling the Frame by Cynthia Beat
  • Naturkatastrophenkonzert by Die Tödliche Doris
Wednesday April 21st
  • Flug durch die Nacht by Ilona Baltrusch

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