Omnium-Gatherum Pt. II

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May. 18 + 19 - 12:00 am
$7 Suggested
Clinton Street Theater

About This Screening

Over the past seven years, Cinema Project has shown some of the most dynamic work from avant-garde filmmakers and video artists working today. In the world of experimental cinema, it's been some impressive stuff and these two screenings are no exception. Cinema Project co-founder Jeremy Rossen curated and presented Omnium-Gatherum Pt. I exclusively at Light Industry in Brooklyn, NY last fall. The program brought together older and rarely screened work from some of our favorite artists in the Cinema Project pantheon. Picking up where Pt. I left off, Omnium-Gatherum Pt. II brings us to the present day for two nights of Northwest premieres from some of these same artists. Each of these works has been produced within the past two years, and showcases the innovation and maturity of these contemporary moving-image artists. The two-night event includes Sharon Lockhart's Exit from 2008. Filmed over a five-day workweek, Exit shows the long progression of workers leaving the Bath Iron Works at the end of their shift's an obvious nod to the Lumiere Brothers' Workers Leaving The Lumière Factory (1895). Phil Solomon's Still Raining, Still Dreaming from 2009 is the last installment of his three-part series "In Memoriam (for Mark LaPore)." And the latest from David Gatten, Journals and Remarks (2009), is the second reel of the ongoing "Continuous Quantities" series, and contains 700 shots (29 frames each), shuttling between the 1839 version of what later became Charles Darwin's A Voyage of the Beagle (1845) and images gathered on a recent trip to the Galapagos Islands. A bold mix of new work from these established names in the world of avante-garde cinema. Not to be missed!

Program Details

Tuesday May 18th
  • Still Raining, Still Dreaming by Phil Solomon
  • Journal and Remarks by David Gatten
  • Phantom Limb by Nancy Andrews
  • Beauty Plus Pity by Cooper Battersby + Emily Vey Duke
Wendesday May 19th
  • Company Line by Kevin Everson
  • Exit by Sharon Lockhart

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