Fall 2016

About the Season

For 13 years Cinema Project has worked to bring unseen visual moving-image art from around the world to Portland, creating memorable interactions between the audience and visiting filmmakers and curators. We believe passionately in this under-represented form of contemporary art and it has been a source of nourishment and community for us both as a collective and as individuals. But as many of us in the art community can attest to, the work that it takes to continuously run a non-profit, on a small budget, with an unpaid professional staff, working once the kids are in bed or after the day job and on the weekends, just isn’t meant to last forever.

With this decade-plus experience of consistent programming, we’ve had an amazing opportunity to get to know so many filmmakers (showing them waterfalls, going on long walks across bridges, late-night drinks and discussions), to become friends with audience members, and collaborate with other leaders in the art community. Of course, the chance to watch the work ourselves and deepen our own knowledge has been another form of payment for this labor of love that we inherited from Autumn, Pablo, and Jeremy. We don't know what the future holds, but for the time being we are ending our regular programming.

These years of work would not have been possible without the help and financial assistance of too many organizations and individuals to name here, but we would like to make a special public thank you for the years of support from the Regional Arts & Culture Council and George Thorn, the Meyer Memorial Trust, the James F and Marion L Miller Foundation, The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Stephanie Snyder, and Vanessa Renwick. And a very large thank you to our audience. We hope you enjoy this final season of amazing moving-image work and stay tuned for information on an end-of-season celebratory bash!

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