Dirty Looks: First Three Years + Hardcore Home Movies

Supported in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Mar. 5 + 6 - 7:30 pm
$8 Suggested Donation
Curators in Attendance
NXT Industries
222 NW Davis, Loft 301

Still from The Basket by Narcissister


The Mother Show by Tom Rubnitz​

About This Screening

​Dirty Looks is a bi-coastal platform for queer experimental film, video, and performance. A roaming screening series that traces contemporary queer aesthetics through historical works by presenting quintessential GLBT film and video, alongside up-and-coming artists and filmmakers. Often installing moving image works in alternative or charged city settings, Dirty Looks maintains multiple programs that work to reconsider viewer engagement and the contexts of cultural production in urban settings.

This two-night program is curated by creative director and core curator Bradford Nordeen. Dirty Looks: Los Angeles director and core curator Clara López Menéndez will also be in attendance for the Sunday screening.  The first evening will include a selection of work from Dirty Looks NYC’s programming during its first three years. Assembled for an anniversary screening, the program looks back on works that helped to shape or define Dirty Looks NYC as a project and the queer moment, at large. Ranging from a Charles Atlas video made (cheekily) for an amateur competition on MTV to a supercut assembled from stolen moments of Dynasty, queer appropriation and mainstream subversion run the gamut in this decades-spanning program. Night two presents Hardcore Home Movies, a collection of queer film and video works drawn from punk and queercore archives, and includes essential works by Jonesy, Jill Reiter, G.B. Jones and Greta Snider, in addition to unearthing recent finds and lesser-known titles.

Program Details

March 5th

Dirty Looks NYC culls from our first few years of New York City programming with film and video spanning 1990 - 2013, all titles which shaped or defined DL as a project and the queer moment, at large. Looking back from the edge of queer futurity, the program features queer takes on Black Power, riot grrrl, maternity, and Madonna's Vogue."

  • The Mother Show
    by Tom Rubnitz
    US, 1981 (edited 1991), video, color, sound, 5 min.
  • Extraordinary Pregnancies
    by Chris E. Vargas
    US, 2010, video, color, sound, 10 min.
  • The Basket
    by Narcissister
    US, 2013, video, color, sound, 5 min.
  • Butcher's Vogue
    by Charles Atlas
    US, 1990, video, color, sound, 5 min.
  • The Dark, Krystle
    by Michael Robinson
    US, 2013, video, color, sound, 10 min.
  • Home
    by Luther Price
    US, 1990-99, Super8 and video, color, sound, 12 min.
  • O Happy Day
    by Charles Lofton
    US, 1996, 16mm transferred to video, color, sound, 6 min.
  • Frenzy
    by Jill Reiter
    US, 1993, Super8 on video, color, sound, 10 min.
  • Dirty Looks
    by Michael Lucid
    US, 1996/2000, video, color, sound, 18 min.
March 6th

Queercore emerged from a chasm of queens and dykes who related more to the lifestyle and politics of punk than “their” LGBT community, but felt similarly spurned by the latent homophobia in their newly adopted zeitgeist. Through zines, bands and homespun cinema, an ulterior movement emerged. Hardcore Home Movies is a research project that attempts to track down the fluid exchange of erotic representations amongst queer bodies within the relatively brief queercore (or homocore) movement. This investigation emerged as a program of explicit short films and videos made by luminaries from the scene like G.B. Jones and Scott Treleaven, featuring mainstays like Bruce LaBruce and Vaginal Davis, as well as lesser known works by artists like Jill Reiter, Jonesy (of the queercore band Fagbash) and Greta Snider.

  • Fiend
    by Jonesy
    US, 1992, Super 8 on HD video, B&W, silent, 3 min.
  • Hard-Core Home Movie
    by Greta Snider
    US, 1989, 16mm, B&W, sound, 5 min.
  • Birthday Party
    by Jill Reiter
    US, 1993, Super 8 on DV, color, sound, 9 min.
  • The Troublemakers
    by G.B. Jones
    US, 1990, Super 8 on DV, color, sound, 20 min.
  • The Salivation Army
    by Scott Treleaven
    US, 2001, Super 8 and video on DV, color, sound, 22 min.
  • 3. Dr. Christ Teen Sex Surrogate (excerpt from "Three Faces of Women")
    by Rick Castro
    US, 1994, VHS, color, sound, 25 min.
  • Our Gay Brothers
    by Greta Snider
    US, 1993, 16mm, color, sound, 9 min.

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