A Super 8 Odyssey: Films of David Domingo

Apr. 25 - 7:30 pm
$8 Suggested
Artist in Attendance
NXT Industries
222 NW Davis St, Loft 301

​From ​Desayunos y meriendas/Breakfast and Snacks

About This Screening

“Every Super 8 camera is a living thing that owns a very special personality, something unique. If you film what the camera wants to film, you’ll be sure that the result will be great.” Spanish Super 8 filmmaker David Domingo makes it sound so easy. While his finished films share this feeling of spontaneity, joy, and curiosity, the rapid cuts, frequent use of stop-motion animation, and constant pop-culture references betray a pretty impressive cinematic stamina and attention to detail. In his Sound of the Sun from 2011, the zoom shots, time-lapse, and stop-motion have that 1970s science-film psychedelia; an “associative cascade” that leads us to things like Robocop, crystals, spinning cassette tapes, genitals, and ping pong, all to a driving post-rock tune by Pseudobruitismus Afrikamus. Beyond the pop-sensibility, Domingo’s films also show a knowledge of and engagement with avant-garde and experimental film tradition, with references to the Kuchar Brothers, Jonas Mekas, Bruce Conner, and others. The films in this one-night program were selected by Domingo himself as his most emblematic work and he will be in attendance to present and discuss his films and practice.

Program Details

April 25th
  • Súper 8
    by David Domingo
    Spain, 1996, Super 8 transferred to digital, color, sound, 7.5 min.
  • La mansión acelerada/The Speedy Mansion
    by David Domingo
    Spain, 1997, Super 8, b&w, sound, 10 min.
  • Desayunos y meriendas/Breakfast and Snacks
    by David Domingo
    Spain, 2002, Super 8, color, sound, 7 min.
  • Rayos y centellas/What the…!
    by David Domingo
    Spain, 2004, Super 8, color, sound, 4 min.
  • Película sudorosa/Sweaty Movie
    by David Domingo
    Spain, 2009, Super 8, b&w, sound, 18 min.
  • A Movie that Portrays the Wonders of the World as Seen Through the Eyes of a Cat (Disney Attraction Highlights Nº 1)
    by David Domingo
    Spain, 2009, Super 8, b&w, sound, 5 min.
  • Sound of the Sun
    by David Domingo
    Spain, 2011, 16mm, color, sound, 5 min.

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