Fall 2011

About the Season

Welcome to our fall 2011 season! We have a number of visiting artists, beginning with Alex Mackenzie for our annual co-presentation with the Portland institute of Contemporary Art's Time Based Art Festival. Continuing through the season, we bring Super-8 maven Helga Fanderl in September, in October abstract 16mm filmmaker Colleen Fitzgibbon, and finally in December Brigid McCaffrey. The season's adventure also sees the final three installments of our Textural Spaces series, a year- long look at architectural and spatial experience within the cinematic context. We focus this season on American landscape with work from Cinema Project favorites James Benning and Sharon Lockhart, and examine experimental architecture through the lens of the 1970s. As always, we want to thank the people who help us: the theaters, the artists, organizations that fund the arts, our members, our board members, and everyone who comes to our screenings. We love bringing these mind-blowing cinematic events to Portland, and hope that you will attend.
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