Bodies for Strength and Power: 9X16mm grid-films and experimental shorts by Kristin Reeves

Supported by PNCA's Video & Sound Department

Mar. 17 - 8:30 pm
PNCA Mediatheque
511 NW Broadway

About This Screening

Filmmaker, media artist, and professor Kristin Reeves brings her expanded cinema performances to Portland this March as part of her West Coast tour. Pushing the physicality of analog cinema to its extremes, Reeves's performances utilize nine 16mm projectors at once, in a scaffold-like set-up. Moving and climbing between them to switch out prepared loops of found footage, the action from the floor is transformed into an excited grid of moving-images on screen. With this kind of rigorous practice, it makes sense that the themes Reeves is meditating on include the strength, fragility, and materiality of the body, personal sovereignty, and identity. As Reeves writes, film "becomes media cadaver to exhume, examine, and reanimate."

In between the two performances will be an interlude of Reeves's single-channel short film and video, presented with live narration. And the evening will wrap up with a Q&A with the filmmaker. Expected run time for the event is about an hour.

Program Details

March 17th
  • What Is Nothing [After What Is Nothing]
    2017-present, 9-projector 16mm film performance, Sound, 10:00
  • CSP Closings & Delays
    US, 2017-present, 16mm Film to HD video & HD video, Color, Sound, 7min.
  • & Human
    US, 2011, SD video, Color, Sound, 4min.
  • Threadbare
    US, 2010/2014, 16mm film to HD video, Color, Sound, 5.5min.
  • Body Contours
    US, 2015, 16mm film to analog video synthesis, Color, Sound, 6min.
  • The White Coat Phenomenon
    US, 2012, VHS to HD video, Color, found sound, 3min.
  • Music of Desire
    US, 2017, 16mm film to video using analog video synthesizers, Color, Sound, 8min.
  • Je Ne Sais Plus [What Is This Feeling]
    US, 2012-present, 9X16mm performance, Color, Sound, 10:00

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