A Quest of Origins—Films by Larry Gotheim

Co-presented with PDX Film Festival and the Northwest Film Center

Apr. 27 - 7:15 pm
Northwest Film Center Guild Theatre

About This Screening

Since the late 1960s Larry Gottheim has been deeply involved with cinema, teaching himself 16mm filmmaking then developing the Department of Cinema at SUNY-Binghampton. This extremely influential department attracted the most talented artists, academics, and filmmakers of the day including Ken Jacobs, Hollis Frampton, Peter Kubelka, and Ernie Gehr. Over the past few years several of Gottheim’s early films have been restored in connection with an “Avant Garde Masters” grant through the Donnell Media Center of the NY Public Library. Elective Affinities is a series of four feature-length films Gottheim started in the early 1970s and completed in 1981 with Tree of Knowledge; the series explores not only images and their relationship to sound and time (a recurring theme in his work), they also examine issues such as family, psychology, education, freedom, and the theme of nature in art. Gottheim describes his newer work, Our Television Traveler, as “The history of space, the place of mystery, the mystery of trace, the space of history.” Larry will also be teaching a workshop at the Northwest Film Center on April 29th. Please check www.nwfilm.org for more details.

Program Details

April 27
  • Tree of Knowledge (Elective Affinities IV)
    1981, 16mm, color, sound, 58 min.
  • Our Television Traveler
    1991, 16mm, color, sound, 17 min.

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