Structural Ethnographies: Sharon Lockhart

Made possible through the support of Reed College and Barbara Gladstone Gallery.

Mar. 30 - 7:30 pm
North American Art Union
922 SE Ankeny
Film stills Copyright 1997 by Sharon Lockhart. Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York

About This Screening

Acclaimed artist Sharon Lockhart creates both moving and still images that exquisitely capture the minutiae of everyday life. Drawing from dance, structuralist cinema, anthropology, and visual art Lockhart's work explores issues of representation, culture, and the role of the observer. Lockhart will be on hand from Los Angeles to introduce two of her films shot in Japan. In Goshogaoka, Lockhart documents a girls junior high basketball team in Japan. Using fixed camera angles and long shots, the film creates a mesmerizing sense of action and movement that is at once choreographed and free. The title of Lockhart's most recent piece NO is a reference to traditional Japanese theatre and to a Japanese style of agriculture; using virtually no cuts, this landscape film of the Japanese country side captures two figures at work as they spread hay across a field. Sharon also presented a slide lecture on her photographic works at Reed College on April 1st at 4:00pm in the Psychology Auditorium.

Program Details

Wednesday March 30 + Thursday March 31
  • Goshogaoka
    USA, Japan, 1997, 16mm, color, sound, 63 min.
  • NO
    USA, Japan, 2001, 16mm, color, sound, 34 min.

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