The Works at Fashion Tech | 2010 SE 8th Ave. Monday September 15th | 10:30pm

Our Fall Season Starts at PICA's TBA Festival, September 15th!

No need to stay fixed to your seat as a passive viewer nor sit in reverence of the image. Tonight we privilege the soundtrack as a way to suspend the normal functioning of film. In Favor of Skepticism is a re-viewing of materials from the Letterist and Situationist movements in which words are shifted, translated, and overlayed onto, from, and between language and medium. The evening begins with a live interpretation of the original script for Guy Debord’s 1952 anti-film, Hurlements en faveur de Sade/Howlings for Sade. This unrealized version will be performed by artist and poet, Nour Mobarak. Following the performance will be a screening of Toujours à l’avant-garde de l’avant-garde, jusqu’au paradis et au-delà! / Ever the Avant-Garde of the Avant-Garde, till Heaven and After!, a "supertemporelle" film by Letterist artist Maurice Lemaître. Cinema Project is excited to present In Favor of Skepticism as part of PICA's Time-Based Art Festival 2014. For more information about the festival, including tickets and passes, go to