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See you in fall!

Cinema Project is on summer break as usual, but will return with fall programming at the end of August. Thanks to everyone who made our spring 2015 a success!

People: Alex Ian Smith, Ann Ploeger, Anne Greenwood, Barbara Sternberg, Bill Foster, Brian Gerheim, Caitlin Harris, Carl Diehl, Dan Bryant, Dani Leventha, David Lindell, Ellen Laing, Enrique Fuentes-Lungo, Erik Bünger, Felisha Ledesma, Helmy Membreño, Jonathan Schwartz, Katie Burkhart, Kim and Hoyt from the VFW, Kris Cohen, Kristan Kennedy, Mack McFarland, Makino Takashi, Maria Kourkouta, Matthew Davison, Melina Coumas, Mónica Savirón, Morgen Ruff, Mounira al Solh, Pablo de Ocampo, Patricia No, Roya Amirsoleymani, Sakamoto Hirofumi, Saul Levine, Stephen Slappe, Sue Slagle, Thea Gahr, Tinne Zenner, Tony Marostica, Tony Remple

Places Near: Ace Hotel, Beast, Cast Iron Coding, Clinton Street Theater, Expatriate, Fressen Artisan Bakery, Gladstone Pizza, J&M Cafe, Meyer Memorial Trust, Missionary Chocolates, New Deal Distillery, Northwest Film Center, Oregon Community Foundation, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Regional Arts & Culture Council, S1, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Upfor Gallery, XRAY FM

Places Far: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (Canada), Collectif Jeune Cinema (Paris, France), Image Forum (Tokyo, Japan), Lagunitas Brewing (California), Light Cone (Paris, France), Postwar Japan Moving Image Archive (Wakkanai, Japan), Rez Visual (Beirut, Lebanon), Video Data Bank (Chicago)