VFW Hall | SE 9th & Mill Dec. 12 | 7:30PM
$8 Suggested Donation


Isn't it time to discuss our limitlessness? - Barbara Rubin


Eighteen years old and fresh out of mental hospital, Barbara Rubin (1945–1980) meets Jonas Mekas, borrows his camera, and in Tony Conrad and John Cale’s downtown NYC apartment, creates a 29-minute hallucinatory vision of sexual energy, Christmas on Earth. The film will be performed as intended with two reels of film projected simultaneously, one half the size in the middle of the other, to the tune of AM radio, and with an assortment of color filters held in front of the lens. Preceeding Christmas on Earth is Ron Rice's sumptuous Chumlum. And following the films, join us downstairs at the VFW Hall for a holiday party!